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“Building printed binders could take a couple of hours to a day. Now I build binders in minutes and they’re all right there on my iPad.”

— Brent Hockaday, employment and labor attorney

Challenge: As a litigator, dad, and youth sports coach, Brent needs efficiency to perform his best at work and home.

Solution: Brent uses the Suprabook web app’s drag & drop feature to build binders in minutes, not hours. He uses the iPad app to add annotations and highlights, and prepare for court at the office or at home.

Favorite Features: Drag & Drop, Multi-Device Sync, Annotation Tools, Keyword Search


“My depositions are usually out of town and I’m so glad that I don’t have to carry binders around the airport. I look forward to using it every day!"

— Ummi Lawan, toxic tort and corporate defense attorney

About: Based in Dallas by way of Nigeria (she’s licensed in both places), Ummi is no stranger to travel. But even for seasoned travelers, lugging printed binders through the airport is a nightmare. Ummi uses Suprabook to build binders in the cloud and access them anywhere, anytime on her laptop.

Christina G


"Suprabook intuitively organizes my documents the way I would, making it a seamless transition from paper to digital binders."

— Zach Herbert, personal injury attorney

About: Zach is the founding partner of Herbert Law, a Marine Corps veteran, data nerd, and trial technology advocate. He and his three-person support team are experts at handling car wrecks, truck wrecks, and all aspects of personal injury cases. Zach and his team use Suprabook to build, share, and collaborate on binders in the cloud.

Christina G


"The offline reading feature is huge for me. I travel a lot and do a lot of work on planes, where I can't rely on Wi-Fi or VPN."

— Anthony Bégon, commercial litigation attorney

Problem: Anthony handles cases across the country and doesn’t have time or space for printed binders.

Solution: Anthony builds binders in Suprabook in a fraction of the time, even when he’s on the road. Before flights, he downloads his binders to keep working in the air. Now Anthony travels with just his iPad.

Favorite Features: Offline Access, Split View with Other Apps, Sharing and Collaboration


"Instead of carrying around 50 pounds of binders and files, Suprabook lets me quickly access every document I need to win my case."

— Peter Anderson, personal injury attorney

About: Peter has a long track record of litigating complex, high-stakes personal injury cases including medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, and civil rights claims. He uses Suprabook to prepare for, and during, depositions and mediations.

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